Weekly Health Tip

We share a cumulative 50 years as health practitioners, including years of study and continual learning to stay current on new health research. Our goal: helping our patients live to their fullest potential, with good health and wellness.  As part of our practice in reaching that goal, we are starting a new “Weekly Health Tip” for our patients and our local community, to help pass on simple tips that can help you live a healthy life. We hope you will subscribe and that the brief tips will help you in your path to wellness.

To Your Good Health,
Drs. Cynthia & Richard Westbrook
New Beginnings Health Care

Kids and Chiropractic

We had a patient that was surprised when she saw a 4 year-old boy getting an adjustment in our office.  I pointed out to her that if she was to follow the young boy around all day and do everything that he did, she would truly understand why kids need Chiropractic care.  Many spinal problems in adults begin in childhood and Chiropractic is critical to proper developement.  Please call/email us with any questions about children and the Chiropractic lifestyle.

What’s the Best Exercise?

The best exercise is the one that you will do consistently.  Unfortunately, consistency is the hardest part of exercise for most people.  Exercise programs often get derailed if you are depending on a partner or have to go to a gym.  Personally, we have routines that we do at home or just outside the house.  Keep it simple.  We recommend incorporating the following four elements to your routine.   

  1. Flexibility
  2. Cardio
  3. Core Stabilization
  4. Strength Training

Ankle Sprains

We are hoping those of you reading this “health tip” have never experienced an ankle sprain, but if you have you know how painful they can be. Chiropractors are trained at determining the degree of damage to your ligaments as well as whether or not any bones in your foot or ankle have shifted out of their proper position. Realigning the bones in your ankle or foot can speed the healing process and help reduce the pain. We can also show you the proper use of a balance board to stabilize the ankle and help prevent injuries in the future.

Please call us at (831) 373-6004 with any questions regarding a safe and effective routine that will work for you.  We are also available for complimentary evaluations to get you started.